Didier Weiss

5 days Workshop with Didier Weiss

Meeting about Non-duality


Location: Vråvej 24, 8830 Tjele – map

Also see Meeting with Didier Weiss in copenhagen.

“Non-duality aims at the understanding of our true nature through direct experience, rather than through the ever so familiar mental filter we almost continuously call upon, and the inner monologue of countless stories we tell ourselves.
The mental filter fits us so well, it is so tight as though it has always been there, right? And the stories, they keep us so intensely busy, they make us feel so alive… But in the end, are we ready to admit we feel discontented and restless?
This is an invitation to be gently but firmly guided back to the peace that was believed to be lost.
There will be a dialogue and several barefoot down-to-earth explorations”.

Didier speaks a clear English.

Meeting: We will together explore the jungle of so-called “spiritual” concepts and try to find what is Alive here. We will not be impressed or even interested in the vocabulary of the usual, traditional, mystical or esoteric non dual descriptions.

What are we REALLY talking about when attention points to this/our essence, to what we are intimately beyond appearances, experiences, memories, beliefs, stories?

And in this ultimate simplification, in this unknowing, a possibility can emerge: to seize a golden thread, to re-cognize this evidence of Being which has been closer than close all throughout what we call “our life” as a man or a woman. And this humanity can thus be “informed” without being denied or destroyed, in a kind of dance between Essence and Manifestation.

This residential retreat requires passion and dedication. Its format is intensive: each moment of our waking hours, literally from the time we wake up in the morning till we fall asleep in the evening, will be dedicated in various ways to discover the perfume of Freedom. We will alternate explorations, exercises, sharing, laughter, silence, readings, guided meditations and for some parts we might also take advantage of the warm water pool at the venue. There will also be a daily Q and A group session.  A “one to one” session will be scheduled as well for all.

Rest assured that there will also be leisure time alone or in groups. However distractions will be kept to a minimum so that this total immersion fosters Re-cognition.

This workshop will be preceded by some 3 weeks of “light preparation” through email communications. This will allow us to start from an already established common ”base camp”. It will also be followed by personalized support with Didier for those who would like to pursue the exchange over the next weeks after the retreat is over.

The number of seats is rather limited so that an individual attention is given to every participant. So join us if you feel the wake up call!

About Didier: Didier (born in France) moving to Auroville, India in 1994 where he lives as a permanent resident along with his wife Cecilia and adopted 18 year-old Indian daughter, Ludivine.
While Didier did volunteer work there, his vibrant spiritual research that started when he was a teenager could fully deepen and bloom.
He soon came across writings by Ramesh Balsekar, an Advaita teacher that used to be a disciple and translator of Nisargadatta Maharaj. Didier visited Ramesh in Mumbai several times a year for a few days at a time over a period of 3 years until a resolution emerged in 1998.
He very much enjoys sharing his passion for non-duality and every year since 2017, he travels to Europe to give conferences and intensive workshops.
Didier is the author of “Non-dual Explorations – Return to the Lost Paradise” – a book published by Accarias L’Originel in French 2016.

Registration: lotte@dalager.com

Peter and Lotte are building up a small center where people can enjoy silence, water and nature. They do not yet have room for all of us, but there will be accommodation in the old farmhouse from Lottes parents in dormitory, double room, in camper, shelter or tent

You can read more here: https://aquabalancing.dk/

Peter and Lotte lives in Jutland
Vråvej 24, 8830 Tjele, Denmark – map

The easiest way to get here is flight to Copenhagen and then bus or train to Viborg.
We will pick you up in Viborg and bring you to the place. Train from Copenhagen https://www.dsb.dk/ or you can find cheaper solution here: www.flixbus.dk

For all informations about accommodation and how to get to the workshop you can contact Lotte, lotte@dalager.com or WhatsApp +45 42486090

The food is mainly homegrown, organic and vegetarian. Beautiful friends from France offered to be in charge and we will help each other.

475 € for the workshop, food and accommodation for 5 days and 4 nights.
It is possible to book aqua-sessions to reduced price during the workshop.