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Teaching by Stephane Longuet

Vraavej 24, 8830 Tjele, Denmark


Lotte Dalager + 45 42486090 – 
Stéphane Longuet +33 605 16 80 17

In WATA Fundamental Class, we focus on the three fundamental aspects of Waterdance: vertical grounding, posture (of both the giver and receiver) and the breath.
In Waterdance, our most basic move is the Water Breath Dance, in which we float someone in our arms and let them sink a little as they breath out and rise with them as we both breath in. This creates a connection that can be carried into all above and under water moves.
We also practice the beginning and ending of a session and the basic movements, which form the essential core of this form of Aquatic-Body-Healing-Work.
The second part of this training is dedicated to a playful and at the same time attentive introduction to bring our partner under water. Fears or apprehensions of going under water will be given the time needed to open up and to be integrated.
On land:
Various tools like guided meditations, body – and energy work, active breathing exercises, communication skills and a conscious contact with the earth, shall help to balance the four elements in and around us.

Stephane Longuet ( WATSU®/ WATA teacher, recognised WABA instructor, I have worked with the best teachers in the aquatic’ world (Arjana, Harold, Alexander, Shantam,…) and I continue with joy my training because there is always to learn, to refine, to integrate …I love to share worldwide this beautiful and powerful tool of connection to the Universe.
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5 days Workshop with Didier Weiss – Meeting about Non-duality


“Non-duality aims at the understanding of our true nature through direct experience, rather than through the ever so familiar mental filter we almost continuously call upon, and the inner monologue of countless stories we tell ourselves.
The mental filter fits us so well, it is so tight as though it has always been there, right? And the stories, they keep us so intensely busy, they make us feel so alive… But in the end, are we ready to admit we feel discontented and restless?
This is an invitation to be gently but firmly guided back to the peace that was believed to be lost.
There will be a dialogue and several barefoot down-to-earth explorations. Rather than using spiritual jargon, we will surely prefer our everyday words”

Didier speaks a clear English.

About Didier – : Didier (born in France) moving to Auroville, India in 1994 where he lives as a permanent resident along with his wife Cecilia and adopted 18 year-old Indian daughter, Ludivine.
While Didier did volunteer work there, his vibrant spiritual research that started when he was a teenager could fully deepen and bloom.
He soon came across writings by Ramesh Balsekar, an Advaita teacher that used to be a disciple and translator of Nisargadatta Maharaj. Didier visited Ramesh in Mumbai several times a year for a few days at a time over a period of 3 years until a resolution emerged in 1998.
He very much enjoys sharing his passion for non-duality and every year since 2017, he travels to Europe to give conferences and intensive workshops.
Didier is the author of “Non-dual Explorations – Return to the Lost Paradise” – a book published by Accarias L’Originel in French 2016.
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Presence of Being with Shantam in Denmark
June 8th – 13th 2021

Prerequisite Possibilites: Fluid Presence™ Foundation, Watsu®, WaterDance™, Healing Dance, WaterBreath Way Weekend, Mentoring or Instructor permission. Presence of Being™ Intake Form is required.

Presence of Being™ is a warm-water therapy course in which we explore the water’s magical way of providing a nurturing environment for Self-discovery. Using the gentle quality of the warm water as the medium and our willingness to be Present as the catalyst, we will discover what happens when we are devoted to truly being with ourselves. In fully allowing rather than resisting what is, and offering unconditional acceptance to whatever reveals itself we discover a vast well-spring of peace within. This embodied recognition then naturally becomes a compassionate invitation that we extend to others.
On the part of the provider, this requires a repeated willingness to meet our own edges, to become aware of whatever belief systems are in place for us and to discover what motivates us as therapists. In Presence of Being™ we stabilize our orientation as pure awareness and remember our fluency as a sensorial perceptual Being. Through experiential investigation with loving kindness and sensitivity we welcome all aspects of ourselves and honor the innocence behind our coping mechanisms. We thus liberate where we have become fixated to a conceptual map over a perceptual map. We entrain to the warm water environment as an invitation to explore our essential nature and to discover the inherent Grace that reveals itself when we meet each other there.
Whether you are relatively new to warm water therapy or have been practicing for years, this course is meant to assist you in deepening your connection with Self and others.
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Fluid Presence™ 1 with Shantam in Denmark
June 19th – 20th 2021

Prerequisite: Fluid Presence™ Foundation (or equivalent), Presence of Being™ or Instructor permission. Fluid Presence™ Application Form is required.

Fluid Presence 1 builds upon the foundation of Fluid Presence™ Foundation and Presence of Being™. In this course, we expand on the art of dialog with clients before and after the water-holding portion of the session. We continue to deepen trust in our intuitive role in the therapeutic relationship. Verbal and nonverbal reflection skills will be practiced and refined along with the direct experience of giving from “neutral”. A series of sub-aquatic “frameworks” are presented which allow for greater accuracy within the above and underwater holding-positions. This furthers the giver’s proficiency and confidence to simultaneously transmit security and stability along with fluidity and freedom. Students learn to energetically connect, feel and follow what is happening on all levels. Students expand upon what they have already learned about maintaining tonal match and increase their capacity for remaining open and being a supportive presence. This course equips students to better navigate the non-ordinary states of consciousness so accessible in the warm-water holistic therapy environment.
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Earlier events for English


Presence in movement – in calm warm water and beautiful natural surroundings.
Autumn workshop 4th of November from 9-17.
We would like to invite you inside to give you an opportunity to experience what the warm water can do.
Together we can explore the water’s qualities and move ourselves in the present time.
In the warm water we will practice meditation and exercises that will give the body the opportunity to relax, feel and follow its intuition. To hold and be held.
We use the beautiful nature and the forests around the place for long walks.
There is room for 8 people. The dealinefor signing up is 1. November 2019
It is possible to book an individual session before or after the workshop.
If you are travelling from far away and are interested in staying overnight you are welcome to contact Lotte.



Water Retreat with Corpo Fluido – September 2019

Aquatic Healing Training – Retreat in Denmark

We are inviting You to join Us in a journey of reconnection with the Water that lives within. Five days for an Autumn break, immersed in quietude on the countryside of Denmark, a place called Viborg, surrounded by a beautiful and silent forest, where our Water Temple is located. The spot where we will spend most of our time, investigating the water in our bodies, and the magical healing effects of this essential element to life.

We will learn and experience the combination of dance, massage, free and technical movement in the water and watsu basic sequence. Learn how to be lighter in the water, making a harmonious way back to your essence, tapping into its source, and feeling the presence and support of the water, by trying some aquatic techniques at this Training Retreat. By the end of it, this aquatic healing art will give you the opportunity to share your healing heart with others and youwill recieve a Watsu Basic certificate.

Raisa Chapinotti will share her technical approach as a Watsu® teacher, and as a researcher of Medicines of Water, over the last 6 years, by guiding those moments, balancing the elements of Water, Earth, Air, Fire, and Space, into this inner journey. This investigation invites states of expanded, meditative consciousness and bodily presence. It opens space for different qualities of movement, perception, sensation, thought and emotion.