Aqua-session with Lotte or Jens Peter
Price: DKK 900 Time: approx. 1 hour and 30 min.

If you have any physical challenges its important you inform us before coming. 
Before you enter the water we will have a talk about the session. You will be introduced to the “noseclip” if you wish to be under the water.

The water is very pleasant and soft to be in. It is chlorine free, we use UV systems and active oxygen to keep the water clean. We also have a GRANDER® unit, which helps to revitalize the water and reduce the use of chemicals.

Bring swimwear and towel.

Gift cards are issued by appointment. Sent by mail or by post once we receive your payment.

A day of Silence is an opportunity to be with yourself in nature. Here you will be able to integrate thoughts. Contact us for more info.


Nature: we live in is fantastic natural surroundings. You are welcome to go for walks before and after a session.
 We have a kitchen where you can make coffee/tea and food you may have brought with you.
 If you coming from far away, you can contact us if you would like an overnight stay.

+45 42486090

Atmosphere photos from our surroundings