Water Retreat with Corpo Fluido on 25-29. September 2019

Aquatic Healing Training – Retreat in Denmark

We are inviting You to join Us in a journey of reconnection with the Water that lives within. Five days for an Autumn break, immersed in quietude on the countryside of Denmark, a place called Viborg, surrounded by a beautiful and silent forest, where our Water Temple is located. The spot where we will spend most of our time, investigating the water in our bodies, and the magical healing effects of this essential element to life.

We will learn and experience the combination of dance, massage, free and technical movement in the water and watsu basic sequence. Learn how to be lighter in the water, making a harmonious way back to your essence, tapping into its source, and feeling the presence and support of the water, by trying some aquatic techniques at this Training Retreat. By the end of it, this aquatic healing art will give you the opportunity to share your healing heart with others and youwill recieve a Watsu Basic certificate.

Raisa Chapinotti will share her technical approach as a Watsu® teacher, and as a researcher of Medicines of Water, over the last 6 years, by guiding those moments, balancing the elements of Water, Earth, Air, Fire, and Space, into this inner journey. This investigation invites states of expanded, meditative consciousness and bodily presence. It opens space for different qualities of movement, perception, sensation, thought and emotion.


The Program:
5 days: 25th of September (2pm) – 29th of September (2pm)
Day 1, 25 th
2pm – Check in
4pm – Opening Circle on Land
5:30 pm – Water opening
9pm – Dinner

Day 2,3 & 4 – 26 th, 27 th & 28 th
7am – Morning practice (optional)
8am – Breakfast
9:30 am – Water session 1
1:30pm – Lunch break
3:30pm – Land session
5pm – Water session 2
8pm – Dinner

Day 5, 29 th
7am – Morning practice (optional)
8am – Breakfast
9:30 am – Water session 1
12am – Closing Circle on Land
1pm – Lunch
2pm – Check out
(More details of the program during the Retreat)

The training will cover 9 well selected topics:
*Awaking the Waters
*The water skin
*Neck Support / Body Support
*Quality of presence and touch
*Flowing within
*Sinking into the body´s layers
*Watsu® Basic Sequence
*Under Water offering
*The art of opening and closing a water session

Some health benefits:
~ Muscle Relaxation
~ Releasing of tension and joint pain
~ Emotional rebalancing
~ Rebalancing bioenergetic flows
~ Decreasing of anxiety
~ Decreasing chronic physical pain and emotional pain
~ Structural rebalancing of emotions
~ Improvement in sleep patterns
~ Improvement in breathing patterns
~ Strengthening of the immune system
~~~ And many others

*The practice generates highly therapeutic effects while stimulating compositions of great artistic value.
*It facilitates a state of integration, fullness and contemplation, expanding the body´s consciousness through the conducted exercises.
*The focus is on feeling, not necessarily an aesthetic quest, but beauty inevitably appears as the fruit of fluidity, presence, and consciousness.
*Conscious, fluid, and genuine movements of the body-psyche-emotions lead to realignment, self-knowledge, deconstruction, and rebalancing.
*By surrendering yourself to this experience you will be able to share the knowledge and wisdom acquired with the people close to you, but in order to become a therapist or practitioner much formation and studying is still needed, getting the practice with these healing modalities is a major plus toward that path but no formal or professional exchange can occur before that happens.

Application deadline: 20th September
– 560€ Early Bird (until 30th August)
– 620€ (after 30th August)
That includes 5 days course, 3x vegetarian food/day, entrance fee for the warm waters.
Maximum amount of participants: 10

Peter and Lotte are building up a small center where people can enjoy silence, water and nature. They welcome you to stay in Lotte´s parents´ farmhouse.
– Accommodation is 20 euros per night in a double room or 12 euros in camper, shelter or tent.
– You can read more here:
– Location: Jutland Vråvej 24, 8830 Tjele, Denmark
The easiest way to get here is to fly to Copenhagen and then take a bus or train to Viborg.
– Train from Copenhagen ( or you can find a cheaper solution here:
– We will pick you up in Viborg and bring you to our place.
– For all information about accommodation and how to get to the retreat you can contact Lotte, or WhatsApp +45 42486090

Information and Reservation
Contact Lotte, mail or WhatsApp +45 42486090
Payments are done in cash on the day of the retreat, but in order to book your spot you should make a security deposit of 100 Euros:
– contact Lotte for her account informations for the deposit
– in case of cancelation the security deposit is nonrefundable.

More information about Raisa´s work:

Looking forward to flowing with You
Lotte, Peter and Raisa.

“Where water meets magic, it meets healing”