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Yesterday was a totally magical day. My dear son of 8 years old who has wished to learn how to have his head under water for so long, but has been too afraid to do so. Yesterday Jens Peter helped him to have this experience and together they worked until my son was able to be under the water.
It brought tears to my eyes as Baltazar very gentle lay his arms and was slowly helped under the water with fully confidence. 100% to this empathetic and respectful man.
An amazing experience for body and soul. I usually have soft healing massage every two weeks. I experience much physical pain due to rheumatoid arthritis.
This kind of massage is without a doubt just as good for the pain.
The periods under water brought me in an amazing condition, I was able to let go as in deep meditation state.
Everybody should give themselves this experience – and come to Jens Peters “loving embrace” and receive massage from the warm water and his proffessional hands.
Jørgen Toft

This experience had a great impression on me. All my life I have received different kinds of alternative treatments for physical as well as mental tensions.
This treatment was something special, the depeest of them all. The feeling of sinking far into myself, so far that there was just heartbeat and breathing left. An amazing beautiful experience. A feeling of being re-born. I am also deeply touched by Jens Peters deep professionalism and his empathy. His grasp is security itself.
Ulva Agerskov, pædagog

The watsu session gave me a feeling of again being in contact with life and its basic elements – water – followed by a total peace and cheerfulness in my body, mind and something undeterminably bigger.
Bo Biilmann. Life-coach and cand.mag.

I have so far experienced to my pleasure 3 sessions of watsu treatment with Jens Peter. Each treatment has been a deep journey into my body and into my emotions. Emmersed in water with the same temperature as our body – a feeling of being held in Jens Peters empathic and strong arms I have experienced a deep sense of security. Here I was able to surrender myself completely to just feeling. Feeling and letting go of muscle tensions in my body. Partly because one is almost suspended in water – partly because of the genius way Jens Peter with great presence maneuvers one in the water. It is a gentle but at the same time a very deep way of massage where your body and the movements it makes stretches the muscles in your core.
Throughout the treatment I could also feel a total surrender and complete trust. Trust to myself and to the other (Jens Peter) when I was emerged into the water. At the beginning a few seconds. Later up to more than a minute. Where I hung my head down or with Jens Peter standing on me!
A very effective and almost magical therapy that Jens Peter can only practice when one is ready and with great concentration towards the signals you send him. It expands your borders in a very fine way. I can warmly recommend you to try Jens Peter’s treatments. Be careful. They can become a habit.
Morten Kjærgaard – Examined Gestalt therapist, cand polit, martial artist for more than 30 years.

The experience in Jens Peters loving calm arms in the warm water is beyond words, understanding, thoughts and emotions – into a timeless meditative space of cohesion and oneness. Water – life – support – the carrier. An experience of being held, og being embraced, floating with, an experience of total surrender, where everything IS.
Legend and deep peace. The breathing goes into deep peace and thoughts slide away. When they return it is like ripples on the water’s surface. I am myself one with the water, I am water and there is no longer ”an inside or an outside”
Jens Peter has an eminent attunement in relationship to the process, to my breathing and to the process of what is needed to create deep healing. Integration on all levels. It is like coming home to my innermost, like being born and held as giving birth to myself on a deep level.
Annabritt Jakielski – 
Executive Personal Assistant. Translator.

Imagine you are floating in the warm pool and being carried by two secure loving, caring hands. Two hands that support you and guide you into a more and more meditative state .. where worries and thoughts melt away. Quietly the hands lead you under the water ”at last!! here I am at home”. Embraced by essence and silence. In one and a half hour I am on a journey where I leave thoughts and feelings to take care of themselves. My physical body is quiet, feels no pain or tension. I am free. The time has passed.
2 eyes meet mine with soft presence.
You are not your thoughts,
you are not your feelings,
you are not your body, says Jens Peter to me. It makes sense!
Diana Diakova D. Light – Founder of C.H.A.I. Cph. Heart Awaking Institute