References – Lotte

References – Lotte

I can high recommend this treatment by Lotte.
 I am not a fan of having my head under the water but I did receieve very deep presence, calm relaxation and a deep session. With my head above water I enjoyed beautiful music, warm water and deep presence. Thank you
Kaya Liv

I can warmly recommend trying watsu with Lotte. It was a wonderful experience with relaxation and presence. I felt as if I was a fetus, a small child, a fish, seaweed moving in the waves of the sea. Deep deep contentment and wellness.
I am deeply grateful for this possibility.
Susanne Asborg

Thank you for two wondedful sessions in the amazing surroundings. There was an experience of presence and quieteness – an experience of surrendering to nature. Moreover an experience of freedom of movement that I cannot experience on land due to physical disability
Due to a condition called thalidomide. I also received pain relief. I can warmly recommend watsu for bodies with difficulties and for people who experience great pain.
Anette Jørgensen

Yesterday I had a wonderful experience with watsu aquabalancing.
I had full confidence in Lotte from the start to the end og the session. This was due to her presence and loving nature. It was easy to indulge myself andlet go to receive total relaxation and a state of being.
It felt like the most loving gift I have ever given myself. I will highly recommend to others this experience of self-indulgence
I came to Lotte with two bent ribs and was quite nervous of getting into the water due to the pain I was experiencing.
My worries were unnecessary. Partly because the enjoyable warm water and the gentle moments of stretching that softened muscles and joints, but mostly because Lotte’s great presence and ability to ”read” my body and its signals. This combination gave me a feeling of security and I felt totally relaxed. My experience of pain was gone and now one week later and one more treatment session in the pool and the pain in my ribs has gone. Much quicker than the doctor expected.
I can warmly recommend a session in the pool with Lotte – lovely in every way.
Anna-Grethe Pugholm

I can warmly recommend Lotte as a watsu teacher.
Through the hole treatment in the water I felt safe, supported and held. I was able to let go and enjoy being moved through the water. Lotte was very good at listening to my body and do exactly what was needed to create peace and relaxation in me. After the session all my muscles were totally relaxed. It was like being re-born. I can fully recommend Lotte’s watsu treatment for anyone who wishes to give themselves an extra special treatment.

Wow wow watsu – yes, that is what it is called in my heart.
The deepest peace and relaxation of my body. Totally different from anything I have experienced before. I have tried many things.
Lotte’s calm, loving presence allowed me to sink into a dance with the warm water. Fully confident in her guiding, a totally wonderful feeling of surrender, of being moved and redeemed. The sound of my heart under the water and sometimes Lotte’s heartbeat.
 The sounds of my life and love – thank you.
Heidi Damsgaard